About Us

The WeatherizationPRO™ Dealer Network (WPDN) is a North American Dealer/Contractor Network. WeatherizationPRO™ has been established to develop a dealer/contractor network to help homeowners and commercial building owners save energy and conserve other natural resources.

All WeatherizationPRO™members have deep experience in the energy retrofit, insulation, and/or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry and business segments.

WeatherizationPRO™dealers have been through very stringent entry level evaluations and dealership member acceptance criteria and investigations. They have all been through very difficult, but necessary training and certifications schools. They have agreed (in their dealer agreement with WP) to implement and support only the highest of installations and business practices standards.

All WeatherizationPRO™dealers/contractors are Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified as Building Analysts and Building Envelope specialists, energy auditors, and are often time proctors, of these important standards and teaching. All WPDN members have been through Honeywell EnovatePRO certifications schools and so are equipped in the highest of safety installation and employ the best practices standards as learned in these certifications and factory authorization schools.

Keeping an eye on the ever-growing Renewable Energy revolution that is upon us, we are committed to continue to offer to all of our clients the most technologically advanced home comfort and energy savings systems, educating, consulting and equipping them on how to provide professional marketing, education for clients and system installations.

With experienced, proven experts in home comfort education and training, our WeatherizationPRO™dealers can help you install energy efficient systems, implement new programs, processes, methods, and technology that will enhance your ability to lower your carbon footprint, and be comfortable and healthy as you have a long lasting impact on our environment.